Floors and territories in livestock farms, grainaries, vegetable stores, hangars, land reclamation and drainage facilities. Supports for crops, vineyards.

Non Magnetic Structure

Transport facilities, rooms for magnetic resonance imaging, radio-transparent structures. Structures operated in conditions of high electromagnetic fields and potential differences.

Base Slabs / Industrial Floors

Rehabilitate a two-way reinforced concrete slab parking garage, Industrial Floors ,replacing a steel rebar-reinforced floor slab with an alternative design that combats corrosion and extends building life.

Industrial Engineering

Reinforcement of industrial floors, production areas, parking lots for heavy vehicles, swimming pools and concrete tanks, structures operated under the influence of aggressive environments. Elements of the infrastructure of chemical production.

Housing & Civil Construction

Reinforcement of houses foundations, floor screeds, parking lots, multilayer heat-saving enclosing structures, blind areas, ebb tides, paths, foundation for a fence. Swimming pools ,reservoirs and canals also.

Bridge Construction & Hydraulic Structure

Bridges decks & fences, Pre Cast Panels,breakwaters. Marine & port facilities, shore protection.

Chemical Plant Sector

Products for sewage systems, piping and pipeline utilities systems, heating plants, cable channels, sewerage & drains. Water treatment and water treatment facilities. Septic tanks, Water tanks, ETP tanks also.

Road Construction

Road decks, parking lots, walkways, tunnels, road barriers. Concrete products with prestressed and non-stressed reinforcement (lighting poles, poles for power lines; road and sidewalk slabs, fence plates, cuebs, posts and poles, railway sleepers. In the construction of mines, tunnels.