For reinforcement of concrete structures & mixed reinforced concrete structures.

In the construction of concrete panel buildings.

Lighting columns, electric poles, power lines traverse isolation.

Used in road construction as a load-bearning reinforcement for highways that experience heavy traffic.

When repairing concrete structures damaged by the influence of aggressive media (especially chloride).

Used in structures subjected to constant heat of up to 60 degree C and short-term exposure up to 100 degree C.

Thin-walled structures for various purposes in case where there is no opportunity to provide regulatory requirements for the thickness of the protective layer.

Used in the construction of sewers and structures below ground to be exclude the occurrence of stray currents and electro osmosis.

To improve thermal performance of walls, we recommend the use of fiberglass reinforcement in sandwich wall panels, as flexible connections.

Used in the construction of agricultural structures (poultry, piggeries, barns), as reinforcement does not contain phenol resins, as shown by Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion.

With the improvement of quality fittings and obtaining new data for longer periods of tests the scope of ACC can be further expanded in view of improving technology and production.

Used load bearing structures of pools with wall thickness of 200mm.

Certified for use in buildings of up to 3 floors.

In reinforced structures exposed to aggressive environments that cause corrosion of steel reinforcement (in structures in contact with sea water, such as embankments, river bank protection). Rational use of fiberglass reinforcement in the elements of road construction (eg, road plates)that are exposed to aggressive anti-icing agents.